W.o.M.B.S. (Wellness of Mind, Body, & Soul)

Whether you’re a new mother, switching careers, or simply looking to connect on a deeper level while in the community of other women, you’ll find a W.o.M.B.S. session to be a profound event that leaves you feeling transformed and nourished mind, body, & soul.

W.o.M.B.S. is a series of private sessions that centers on providing you with tools to live well, create healthy rhythms, and gather your tribe.

Anjelica believes that there is great power around women gathering and holding space for one another. She will facilitate a customized session for you and 4-8 of your girlfriends as you share, release, and explore that session’s theme.

Themes may include (but aren’t limited to) the following depending on your group’s desires and needs:

  • self care
  • gentle periods
  • conscious pregnancy & birth
  • healthy adult relationships
  • pursuing your passions
  • bonding through stories

Anjelica is passionate about gathering women for times of self-care, nourishment, and intention.

W.o.M.B.S. is meant to empower women throughout all stages of their life’s journey.

Your experiences will be affirmed without judgment.

You’ll learn to listen to your inner-knowing.

You’ll be guided to release limiting beliefs and set fresh intentions.

You’ll be invited to to embrace the power of journaling.

You’ll be sent off feeling rejuvenated and inspired!

To find out more about booking a W.o.M.B.S. Session for you and a group of women, please email hello@anjelicamalone.com or use the contact page here. Please share a bit about yourself, what you’d like to get from your session, and the topic(s) that resonate most with you.