Milk Boss 101 : : The Modern Breastfeeding Journal & Guide

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This journal and guide will empower women of all backgrounds to choose the feeding relationship that works best for them and acquire the culturally relevant and lifestyle specific support they need to do so.

Milk Boss 101 offers a fresh and unconventional approach to breastfeeding that may surprise but provide relief to many expecting mothers.

I committed to creating a magazine style guide that at its core is about removing the shame surrounding breastfeeding and inspire a team of like-minded supporters to rally around a new mother as she navigates the prenatal and postpartum journey.

Inside Milk Boss 101 you’ll find a step-by-step method to building your own unique Breastfeeding Tribe, soul-saving strategies on how to keep your passions burning while also choosing to breastfeed, ideas for getaways (without your babe) starting as soon as you’d like, detailed tips on how to avoid the pain of cracked and bleeding nipples beginning at the first feeding, as well as a 50-page interactive journal for practicing mindfulness and self care, and a series of nutritious globally-inspired meals.

Sections within Milk Boss 101:

PART ONE: The Five-Step Tribe Method, Breastfeeding Recommendations, Magic Milk, and Milk Boss Manifesto.

PART TWO: Colostrum is Enough, Lying-In, Self-Care, & Increasing Milk Supply, Reconnecting With Your Soul, and What I Wish I Knew the First Time.

Extra Bits of Motherly Wisdom: Questions You Must Ask Before You Give Birth, Books & Resources, and Tips on Pumping.


My Breastfeeding Plan: How to Manage the First Feeding, and a Seven Day Breastfeeding Log & Journal.

Milk Boss 101 is an ideal baby shower gift for a first time mama or a sprinkle gift for the mama who’s already had a child and looking to memorialize this postpartum time with her new babe in a beautiful journal.


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6 reviews for Milk Boss 101 : : The Modern Breastfeeding Journal & Guide

  1. Kelsey O.

    Ummm… This book is an absolute work of art. From the content and tips, to the impeccable pictures and design. It is obvious that this book has been a labor of love and is packed full of passion to help empower any new mama who reads it. My friend who is not pregnant, nor a mother, took one flip through the book and declared “I’m not any where close to breastfeeding and I want to read this book!”… YES it’s that pretty. I think this would be a GAMECHANGER to receive as a gift and wish it was around when I was expecting! BUT, Now I get the honor of passing such a great present/tool on to my amazing friends as they enter the life-changing chapter of motherhood.

  2. Jessie Lipscomb (verified owner)

    Such a phenomenal gift! I was debating on beginning to wean but after reading this journal, I’ve decided to continue our journey! This book would be a great gift as a baby shower gift too!

  3. Mellisa Reeves (verified owner)

    If this book had been around the first time I breastfed, things would have looked a lot different. Anjelica’s emphasis on identifying YOUR goals and creating the community structures you need to help you reach those goals is what’s been missing in the breastfeeding resource world. This is NOT one of those “if you don’t breastfeed you’re a bad mom” books… full of compassion and insight, this book will inspire you and help you see that breastfeeding success can look a lot of different ways. Thank you for this gift, Anjelica!

  4. Laura Jan Rice

    I have worked in the birth world for almost 10 years and there here is nothing like this interactive guide out there! It’s such a great combination of sage advice and self discovery. Anjelica does such a great job of capturing the need for self-reflection and self-love in the early season of breastfeeding and motherhood. In addition, it’s style and design is beautiful and easy to work through. As a doula and Nurse Midwife this book is now my go to belly blessing and baby shower gift.

  5. Alexzandra A. (verified owner)

    As a small business owner & a first time mom , this book was a life saver! All of my doubts faded with this book. It brought balance & a clam to me after brining home baby! A must have for all mommas

  6. Jessica C.

    I absolutely love this book! My baby was born 6 weeks early and I had a lot of time in the NICU to read while I was waiting for my milk to come in. The chapter on pumping literally saved me from super painful engirgement that I was experiencing. I used the feeding and diapering logs (so helpful!) and the delicious recipes too. (Quinoa bowls! YUM) As is mentioned in other reviews, the book itself is so beautiful, the artwork is so great and fun, just like you are reading an artist’s journal. Which makes sense, because what Anjelica does is truly an art form. This book should be required reading for all new moms! I thought I had everything figured out being a mom of two, but I learned so much from this book. I really wish I would have had it as a resource for my first baby and our breastfeeding relationship.

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