Support for Modern Mamas

Anjelica is passionate about providing women with modern, culturally relevant, and lifestyle specific lactation and postpartum support. She understands that today’s mother is likely to run her own business, enjoy travel, be pursuing her education, have a multicultural background that plays an important role in her life, or simply be doing life in her own way and that prenatal and postpartum services need to meet that standard. Read Anjelica’s philosophy here.

I’ll teach and coach you through breastfeeding without the blood, sweat, & tears, literally.

Anjelica studied human lactation through UC San Diego and is a Certificated Lactation Educator Counselor. She began supporting women throughout their pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum journey 7 years ago as a mentor to pregnant refugee and lower income women in Buffalo, NY. Anjelica now provides judgement-free, personalized, breastfeeding education, counseling, and coaching to mamas who want to incorporate breastfeeding into their active lives, instead of allowing it to take over their lives. Anjelica is also sensitive and skilled in supporting families with rich cultural preferences.

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Currently booking clients for July, August, & September 2017. Anjelica only takes on a select number of clients each month. If you’re interested in meeting with Anjelica please fill out a contact form within any of the lactation offerings above.

Are you currently pregnant and hoping to avoid the horror stories of pain, cracked, and bleeding nipples that you’ve read or heard about from friends? Do you travel frequently for work and want unlimited support and resources to continue breastfeeding or pumping once you return to work? Did you perhaps give birth previously to a healthy baby but was unable to breastfeed? Did things start off great and then your supply slowly or drastically decreased?

Do you wonder what the secret is that those free-spirited hippie moms have that allows them to breastfeed like a milk-making goddess?

Do you want pro tips on maintaining a healthy supply from day 1 all the way until you decide to wean? Do you want someone to call at a moments notice, wherever you are in the world and avoid ever feeling completely alone as you make the journey to breastfeeding success? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make breastfeeding work for you and your baby?

Well, guess what? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I hear you girlfriend and I’m your girl! No, really, I am. Helping women with these exact issues is my specialty.  And I want to do nothing more than help you. The questions above are ones that stem from the concerns I hear from new clients every. single. day. And I help each one of them reveal the milk-making maven inside of them and blast each of these concerns away. My clients are health conscious women living active busy lives. They know the enormous benefits of breastmilk and want to provide the very best for their baby, but also understand that having a lactation professional coach them through the breastfeeding journey is absolutely critical to meeting this goal. If any of this resonates with you then I want to meet you. I want to hear your goals and help you reach them. Fill out the contact form with your due date or infant’s age, a bit about yourself and your work/life situation, and your breastfeeding goals, I will email you back directly within 3 business days.