1. Where are you located?
    I am located in Santa Rita, Guam and provide services to families locally and abroad.
  2. Where are your classes held?
    In-person classes are held in my client’s home. Lactation Consultations can take place either in the client’s home or place of birth (hospital, birth center, or home). Virtual offerings can be accessed on your computer in the location of your choosing.
  3. I haven’t given birth yet, are you available to meet with me still?
    Absolutely. I love to meet with women (and their partner) who are curious about breastfeeding. Please fill out my contact form describing your specific need and I’ll be in contact within 3 business days.
  4. What is the best way to prepare for breastfeeding?
    There are a few things that will help you achieve a successful breastfeeding relationship. The most important is to attend a prenatal (before you give birth) breastfeeding class taught by a lactation professional and find lactation support in your area; this can be another breastfeeding mother, a doula or midwife, or a lactation support group.
  5. When is the best time to take a breastfeeding class?
    Between weeks 29-36 of pregnancy. I highly recommend that you look into my package offerings to get the best deal and receive the most support to reach your breastfeeding goals.
  6. Are you a lactation professional?
    Yes. I am a trained and certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC). I attended an extensive program through the University of California, San Diego that allows me to provide lactation classes and counseling.
  7. If I am having trouble with breastfeeding soon after giving birth are you available to visit me in the hospital?
    Yes. I try to visit all clients who have purchased my Full Service Lactation Support Offering within 3 days of giving birth.  The initial period after birth is the most critical in supporting a healthy and sustaining a breastfeeding relationship. The sooner I am able to assist mother and baby with breastfeeding concerns the better the outcome for them.
  8. I would like to purchase a breast pump before my baby arrives, what type of pump do you recommend?
    I do not typically recommend that you purchase a pump before giving birth.* All breastpumps are not the same and don’t work for every mom. A pump should be chosen based upon the specific needs and factors of each mom and baby. I offer a Back to Work/School Consultation in which I discuss how to choose a breastpump and offer my personal recommendation to you after an in depth consult. I know it can be exciting to register for baby gear, but this item is one that you should wait to purchase until after your little one arrives. Breast pumps can be very expensive and are not returnable/refundable once opened. I know many moms who’ve purchased a pump that later did not work for them and caused a series of cascading issues; stress, pain, and discouragement to name a few. This typically leads moms to dread pumping.

*The only time a mother will need a breast pump soon after birth is when she will have extended separation from her newborn (for ex. her infant is admitted to the NICU). In this case you will need either a hospital-grade double electric pump or double electric pump.

Thank you for considering Mothering Naturally. For all enquiries please fill out the contact form with your due date, area of interest, where you are located and I’ll be in touch within 3 business days. I look forward to chatting with you.