Offering #1 :: Full Service Premium Lactation Package

This package is all inclusive and will provide you with the most valuable and individualized lactation support.


 ~Initial Prenatal Consultation & Meet and Greet

 ~Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

 ~Three (1-2 hour) Lactation Consultations

~Unlimited phone & email support for 3 months

Beginning during your pregnancy we’ll connect and get to know one another. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about preparing for your baby’s arrival and enjoying pain-free breastfeeding. We’ll also discuss your personal goals, your family dynamic, and any specific cultural factors that are of value to you.

I’ll explain in detail how your breastmilk is produced and how to be sure you’re producing enough milk for your baby beginning day 1 of your child’s life. I’ll provide guidance on how to correctly latch your baby onto your breasts every single time and make necessary adjustments when needed. I’ll see you face to face for a minimum of three, 1-2-hour in home, hospital, or birth center lactation consultations. During those times you’ll be able to ask me all of your breastfeeding questions. I’ll let you know if I see any areas of concern and give you direct guidance on how to fix them. You will also have me at your finger tips for phone & email advice, information, and coaching for a full 90 days, beginning immediately after you give birth. You never have to experience traveling this breastfeeding journey alone. I’m your personal breastfeeding coach and professional.

Perfect for any woman looking for a seamless transition from pregnancy to breastfeeding their infant.

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All services within this package must be scheduled and completed by the end of the 3rd postpartum month. Additional single Lactation Consultations can be added to this offering at any time.

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