Offering #2 :: Liquid Gold Standard Package


~Initial Lactation Consultation & Meet and Greet

~3 (1-2 hour) Lactation Consultations

We will build a bond beginning during your pregnancy that will allow for you to feel comfortable with sharing your breastfeeding journey with me. During every session with me you will have my undivided attention and my goal will be to ease your breastfeeding concerns no matter how great or small, provide directions on how to maintain a plentiful milk supply for your baby, achieve pain free feeding, and expert advice on steps you should to take should any troubles arise. You’ll receive three consecutive personalized in-home or birth center lactation consultations. During these intimate one-on-one sessions I’ll also make adjustments to your baby’s latch and positioning, feeding recommendations, and provide advice on improvements wherever possible. My goal is for you to feel 100% supported and increase your chances of a lasting breastfeeding relationship.

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*For the best chances at breastfeeding success, services should be booked and begin prenatally. All consultation appointments must be scheduled and completed by the end of the 3rd postpartum month. Additional single Lactation Consultations can be added to this offering at any time. See here what I request from all clients.

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