Anjelica Malone : : Seattle doula and lactation counselor

Hey there, I’m Anjelica.

I’m a Writer, Lactation Educator Counselor, and lifelong traveler.

I connect with and inspire a Global Tribe of Mamas, female Makers, Wanderlusters, and Worldchangers–also known as #AGlobalTribeOfWomen, to live more conscious and globally-minded lives.

We are women passionate about exploring our world, intentional about purchasing mindfully, excited about navigating motherhood with confidence and community, compassionate toward one another beyond borders, and committed to making small changes in our lives that have the ability to make a large impact on future generations.

Here on my site you’ll find that expressed in three distinct ways.

The blog Journal: which features profiles of diverse women from around the world, cultural resources for families, and links to conscious brands.

My mindful pre/postnatal Services here in Seattle.

The Shoppe: offering globally curated items and journals for the modern mama, written by me.

Anjelica Malone and familyI grew up traveling in a military family, later joined the U.S. Coast Guard at 17 years old where I served as a corpsman for 6 years, and now live as a spouse to a service member. I’ve had the great privilege of calling many amazing places like New Orleans, Philadelphia,  Japan, Italy, Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, and Guam all home.

I’m what’s called a Third Culture Kid, who’s turned into a Global Mama. My husband Brett and I have two Little Women who we hope to nurture a sense of global citizenship within through travel, cultural immersion, and exposure to multicultural activities on a regular basis.

I thrive on times of bonding with women and have acquired a unique perspective on family, friendship, and life as a whole through the profound friendships I’ve developed with them during my travels.  I’ve learned to value living slow and finding your identity as a woman and mother beyond what’s currently trending in order to fully thrive and blossom into the being your were created to be. My life has also been significantly impacted by my role as a mentor to pregnant refugee and low-income women in Buffalo, New York, as well as the overseas births of my two daughters.

My family and I recently moved from Guam to Seattle, and we’re still adjusting to this new life on the mainland.  Less sun and sand, more food choices, a myriad of schools to research, major technological advances, and of course cultural differences.

I run on big doses of vitamin SEA, large mugs of green tea latte, and cuddles from my husband and our two girls (aka my Little Women).

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I truly believe there is a common thread that runs through ALL women and this little piece of real estate is where I hope to tug on that thread and awaken our awareness to one another.


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