“Tribe Method” Philosophy & Commitment

Tribe Method & Personal Journey

In 2011 I began volunteering as a prenatal, birth, and postpartum mentor to refugee and lower income women in Buffalo, NY. During that time I became passionate about the idea of comprehensive prenatal and postpartum support for women. Support that fully surrounds a woman and permeates her family life, profession, friendships, hobbies, as well as motherhood. This is what I’ve come to call the “Tribe Method.” A way of uplifting a woman and honoring the many facets of her being. It allows her to fully embrace who she is and wants to be, without having all the pressure to fulfill these things on her own shoulders.

My passion to serve women with breastfeeding was inspired by the birth of my first daughter in early 2013. While living in Puerto Rico I couldn’t find a breastfeeding class that was available at a time and location convenient for my husband and I, or a trained lactation professional available to meet with us one-on-one. So when our breastfeeding journey experienced some bumps in the road I was very limited in the resources available to me. Ultimately, with the support of my husband and knowledge of our doula my daughter and I were able to experience a successful breastfeeding relationship.

As a result of that experience I went on to train as a lactation professional through UC San Diego. I then began offering private lactation services to moms in western Puerto Rico, Guam and now across the globe.

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No two women (or families) are alike and they should each be treated as individual family units with different needs and goals. Because of my third culture background and experience working with families from diverse backgrounds I’m sensitive to and passionate about working with parents looking for personalized support.

I primarily work with women looking for comprehensive support. This simply means that the mothers I work with are interested in meeting me prenatally to allow us to develop a relationship and bond, receive detailed education from me on how to manage breastfeeding and the 4th trimester, tips on continuing to pursue their passions as a mother, as well as step by step guidance on building a tribe of supporters around themselves.

My private classes and support services are offered with that in mind. I’m dedicated to each family that invites me into their lives and committed to providing them with premium individualized coaching. The personalized care that I offer can’t be matched by a hospital lactation professional or a consultant looking to serve many women at once.

I know from personal experience that when a family is given plenty of resources and accurate information they are able to make the best (most natural) decisions for their family-this is the true meaning of Mothering Naturally.