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    Attend the online Women’s Success Summit! : : January 8-12, 2018

    In 2018 I’m committed to taking on projects that allow me to share my experience and wisdom with more women. I’m vetting the things that don’t serve, finding ways to be more intentional with my time, and continuing to pave a legacy that educates, empowers, and supports women on their entire life journey.

    I’m so excited to announce that my first event of the year will be the online¬†Women’s Success Summit, hosted by my friend Dr. Adeola Mead. Adeola is a Naturopathic Physician here in Seattle, WA, specializing in Integrative Mental Wellness and Family Medicine. I especially love her joyful spirit and healing philosophy that centers around providing treatment only after fully listening to you and discovering the root cause of your ailment so that you may experience lasting relief and prevention of future illnesses.

    So of course, when Adeola asked me to be a presenter at her wellness summit, I said YES!

    There will be five topics discussed throughout the week, a different one each day:

    Day 1 How to Overcome the Belief, “I am NOT enough”

    Day 2 Mental Health, Mental Wellness, and You

    Day 3 Tending your Temple: Mind, Body, & Spirit Health

    Day 4 Intentional Parenting: Managing Career, Children, & Relationships (by yours truly!)

    Day 5 Improving Financial Literacy

    Each presentation will take place at 11am PST Monday through Friday, during the week of January 8-12, 2018. You can register to attend this event or be sent a replay here.

    The goal of this week-long event is to teach women who know they have enormous potential, but are feeling hesitation or uncertainty in their finances, health, or family life, overcome those blocks and launch into a year of amazing success!

    During each of the seminars you’ll get to ask the presenter questions and even enter to win a one-on-one coaching session with your favorite presenter. If you’d like to be entered to win the coaching session you’ll need to be one of the first 10 to register!

    I hope to see you there!