Midwifery Care

Your midwife will provide in-home prenatal visits, education, options for standard pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, herbal recommendations, continued opportunities to ask questions, time for emotional processing, and referral to holistically-minded practitioners and medical specialists to help prevent illness and discomfort, as well as improve your chances of having a beautiful, safe, and enjoyable pregnancy, birth, and parenting experience.

Our goal is to meet you where you are in your understanding of and comfort around pregnancy, home birth, and parenting.

What’s included in Midwifery Care

Direct access to your midwife by phone and email, as well as prompt in-person visits for urgent matters.

Prenatal care typically beginning between 6-8 weeks gestation.

Appointments every four weeks until 28 weeks, every two weeks until 36 weeks, and weekly until birth.

Two herbal blends, one for pregnancy support and the other for postpartum perineum healing.

A birth prep prenatal visit around 34-36 weeks to ensure adequate preparations have been made for homebirth, discuss how you and your support team are feeling about the upcoming birth, and a review of how your midwife will set up for labor.

Creation and discussion of an Emergency Transport Plan

Birth preparation and limited newborn care education.

Home birth delivery services between 37 weeks – 42 weeks. Attendance during active labor, birth, and immediately postpartum, newborn examination, and the presence of a trained second attendant, either a midwife or birth assistant.

An extensive postpartum care schedule – between 3-5 visits before 6 weeks postpartum. This includes in-home physical assessment of mother and newborn, mood support, contraception counseling, herbal recommendations, and more.

1-on-1 Lactation support immediately after birth and multiple visits within the first 6wks postpartum.

Limited newborn care

Limited gynecological care

24/7 urgent phone support

Please reach out here to schedule a Meet & Greet. We can discuss your options and answer any questions you have about midwifery care and homebirth in Puerto Rico.

Sol Concierge Midwifery Care

For those who want the guesswork taken out of preparing for baby, desire to incorporate traditional practices into their birth and postpartum healing journey, value support in creating a sacred birth space, and dream of having a smooth transition into motherhood that recognizes the transcendent experience that is matrescence, while relieving some of the pressure off of your partner, this is the option for you.

This package is so much more than midwifery care, it is the foundation to creating a tribe of support around you as you make the powerful passage from maiden to mother.

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of becoming a parent or adding another child to the mix? Do you have no idea what to ask a doula or even what a doula really is?! Do you like the idea of taking a childbirth class, but would prefer something more intimate and personalized? Have your friends or family members freaked you out about all the changes and discomforts associated with pregnancy? Do you desire to breastfeed, but are afraid of the horror stories about cracked and bleeding nipples? Don’t worry. This option insures that you’ve got all your bases covered and that nothing catches you or your partner by surprise. Your midwife has sought out the best-of-the-best when it comes to preparing you for your new role and navigating it all with confidence.

This package has been curated to include:

All of the above mentioned in the standard Midwifery Care service option, plus…

Prenatal visit flexibility, to best suit your schedule

Non-clinical visits to discuss you and your partner’s specific needs and concerns

Labor Tub

Physiologic Childbirth Education class

a Lactation & Newborn Care Class

Assistance creating a Birth Plan

Traditional Birth doula care – providing physical and emotional support during labor, assistance creating a sacred space of peace, and support in advocating for autonomy during birth.

Holistic Postpartum care – 4 in-home healing sessions (2-3 hrs each), 4 nourishing meals delivered to your home (4-6 person quantities)

2 Healing treatments – options include, herbal bath, yoni steam, castor oil packs, belly binding, Closing of the bones, and guided meditation.

6 months of phone, text, and email support with a traditional postpartum doula

Additional services that may be chosen:

Chiropractic care, acupuncture, & massage services

Extended Childbirth Education class or Sibling preparation class

In-home newborn visits by a Pediatrician

Does this sound like what you’re looking for? Please reach out here. I can’t wait to chat with you!