What clients are saying:

“The care Anjelica provided to me and my family during our fourth pregnancy and fourth birth was unmatched. Anjelica listened to my needs and hopes, she met my anxiety with calm and expertise and guided me. To be trusted by your care team is rare in my experience, and Anjelica made me feel so honored and supported. Our birth was astoundingly beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to ensure our safety and joy during it all than Anjelica.” – Libby

Anjelica supported me with empathy, understanding, and a gentle strength that I needed through my emotional pregnancy and labor. She went beyond listening to asking questions and truly offered support. In labor, she offered a confidence and strength that genuinely helped me press through. Her knowledge of alternative medicine was also a game-changer for the events in my labor. You will be blessed to have Anjelica support you in your pregnancy and birth.” -Mickey

“When I met Anjelica, she was still a student and attending births with the home birth midwifery practice I was receiving care through. Her presence, even as student, is the reason I chose to continue care with the practice. During my prenatal visits I felt a genuine interest and care in my life, concerns, challenges and excited anticipation as I prepared to welcome our third baby. I deeply appreciated the depth of her knowledge in holistic medicine and practices as well as her experience in the medical field and the confidence and fluidity in her application of both. 

When Anjelica arrived to our home for the birth of our son, I remember a bright smile on her face. She exuded joy, calm and an immediate attentiveness to me and my little one. She was gentle and thorough in her care. 

What I have come to appreciate the most about my experience with Anjelica is her kindness. In a postnatal appointment where I was reflecting on decisions made by my midwives during the birth of our son, it was she who offered sincere acknowledgment. In those tired and tried moments she offered me the ultimate comfort of being seen and heard. I feel very fortunate to know and have been in her care during such a vulnerable time in my life.” Eliza

“I was very nervous about having a home birth and being strong enough to handle it. Anjelica’s passion for midwifery started me thinking about it. Her calm demeanor, gentle spirit, wisdom, and knowledge helped me throughout my pregnancy. She was a rock during my incredibly fast delivery. I am so thankful for her competent hands, her confidence in birthing, and her strong sweet personality. Our home birth experience was excellent and we wouldn’t have tried it without Anjelica.” – Katy

Anjelica was on my birth team for my second baby – an attempted VBAC following a previous attempted home birth that turned to pre-eclampsia and a c-section. I was very anxious and desperately hoping for my birth wishes to come true and in all my anxiety and fear, Anjelica was able to be a true representation of calm and peace for me. Anytime I saw her step into the room, I would instantly feel the tension start to dissipate. My husband felt this way too – which is a big deal! Anjelica has remained a voice of calm wisdom in my life, and most recently, through a heartbreaking miscarriage. She helped answer questions I felt no one else would and was available to me when I felt overwhelmed. She is warm, kind, loving, knowledgeable & experienced, and you can be wholly yourself with her – traits I cannot recommend enough when thinking about a provider.” -Joy