After the Birth Care


Being treated with kindness, respect, and tender care during your pregnancy and after giving birth shouldn’t feel like a luxury, but in our current medical environment, it can certainly feel that way.

New and growing families often have many questions and concerns, but are typically only offered one postpartum visit after leaving the hospital (around 6wks post birth), or are offered very little guidance on feeding their baby and healing. This simply isn’t ok and leaves room for unresolved breastfeeding struggles, postpartum mood disorders, relationship conflict, and a sense of overwhelm!

I want to help you have a smooth transition into parenting that feels supported and orderly. My goal is to help you eventually return to the things you love like exercise, sex, work, and travel, while also being the mother you desire to be. No more trying to figure it out on your own, google searching, or having to give up on your goals.

After the Birth Care fills in the gap between standard OB care and homebirth midwifery care.

After the Birth Care is a midwifery-model postpartum support package. This is ideal for those who’ve given birth in the hospital or with an OB and are now home with their new bundle wishing they had someone to ask questions to, check in on their body’s healing, and just make sure they’re doing it right. This care is meant to gently support you and your partner as you learn to be new parents, learn to trust your intuition, while also practicing techniques and tricks that will save you time and stress.

After the Birth Care includes:

prenatal consultation

5 – 7 in-home visits with a midwife, starting as soon as you get home from the hospital or after giving birth. The general schedule is 3 days, 1wk, 2 wks, 3wks, 1 month, 2 months (optional), 3 months (optional) after birth.

lactation education and consultations

newborn care education

baby weight and feeding checks

mother and baby physical assessment

emotional support and birth processing

nutrition support and meal ideas

herbal recommendations

pelvic floor and abdominal wall (diastasis recti) separation assessment

pumping help

recommendations for holistic health providers and local medical providers

unlimited phone and email support

Please contact me here to confirm availability before purchasing. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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