Birthing in Puerto Rico? Everything You Need to Know


I get emails almost weekly from women who are new or planning to move to Puerto Rico to give birth. The problem is many have no idea about the birth or medical environment here on the island. Their expectations often stem from the idea that Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory and so must have a similar birth environment as the states. There are also dreams of being pregnant and birthing in a place with beautiful beaches, ripe abundant fruit, warm weather, and a friendly community, but they are often surprised about all that must go into planning to give birth here.

This phone meeting will help you understand what it’s like to actually give birth in Puerto Rico, the good and the bad. Giving birth in Puerto Rico is NOTHING like giving birth in the United States. Whether or not you’re planning to give birth in the hospital or at home, there are critical things you’ll need to know and aren’t going to easily find the answers to on the internet or by interviewing someone who has only experienced birth here on the island.

I have knowledge as a person who’s given birth here, outside of PR, and as a local midwife here in Puerto Rico, that I know is vital information that every family should know before making the choice to give birth here, especially if you are moving here from the U.S. mainland or have given birth in another place with more options and freedoms.

In our meeting we will discuss:

-Puerto Rico prenatal care laws

-Midwifery regulation in Puerto Rico

-How to find a provider (OB or Midwife)

-What your options are and aren’t when giving birth in the hospital. Just a hint, there are far fewer options for things like declining Vit K, newborn eye ointment, having delayed cord clamping, having a private room, and having the option of an epidural readily available here in Puerto Rico.

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