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Are you planning to give birth with an OB, but would like the loving support and expertise of a midwife? Are you feeling like something is missing from the standard medical model of care you’re receiving? 

I would love to talk with you. Reach out to me here!

Midwives are trained healthcare professionals, with specific knowledge in healthy low-risk pregnancies. Midwives are gifted in helping mothers and families feel comfortable, confident, and educated about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting. We spend ample time with our clients at each visit, usually between 30min.-2hrs, discussing their physical and psychological well being. 

Everything But Home CoCare offers you the option of having an OB and a midwife supporting you in your pregnancy journey. At each visit with your midwife we will discuss different topics to help you prepare for your ideal birth, as well as a healing postpartum recovery. Topics include:

Nutrition and diet review


Movement and exercise recommendations

Optimal fetal positioning for labor

Relief for common pregnancy discomforts

Evidence and education about gestational diabetes testing, ultrasounds, lab work, group b strep, newborn medications and shots, labor interventions, and avoiding tearing during birth.

Planning for postpartum

Breastfeeding and newborn care

By the end of your pregnancy, there is often a special bond that has been built between a midwife and her client…one that can last a lifetime. If you are wanting to build a more comprehensive support system for yourself and your partner as you prepare for your baby’s arrival, please don’t hesitate to reach out here. Informational calls are free and you can ask as many questions as you’d like before deciding if you’d like to book care. 

Clients also have the option of adding on to the Everything But Home CoCare package with Labor Support and Comprehensive Postpartum/Breastfeeding Care. If this interests you, please let Anjelica know during your consultation call.

In case you’re wondering. Payment for services is broken up into three installments, and not all due at once. First you place a downpayment, and then the other two payments are due throughout your pregnancy. 


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