Rosemary Hydrosol


Made using the twig and leaves of the Rosmarinus off. plant, this effervescent, woody, and slightly spicy hydrosol is the perfect mood booster, naturally gifted in stimulating the nervous and circulatory system.

Ways to use this hydrosol:

-Spritz into a small bowl and mix with a clay, such as Bentonite, to create an at-home face mask or pore cleanser.

-Use to cool irritated or inflamed skin

-Add hydration to skin before apply a facial moisturizer.

-Facial toner

-Mist into your hands and breath in deeply for a gentle pick-me-up.

-Mist it into your mask, over your sheets, or across your clothing.


Hydrosols are a combination of aromatic distilled water and plant essential oil collected through a copper alembic still. These are all made by me, by hand, in small batches.

There are no added preservatives, alcohols, emulsifiers, or essential oils. ONLY what comes directly from the plant.

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