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You’ll receive the kindness and patience of a friend, married with the expertise and training of a healthcare provider. Our sessions together will give you ample time to release, process, and get feedback (when desired).

For almost every woman, at some point in time during their conception, pregnancy, or motherhood journey they experience feelings of confusion, overwhelm, or isolation. It can almost seem like the plethora of information out there actually makes things more confusing instead of simpler. There’s also a massive lack of community happening during this crazy season of life we’re living in, which makes parenting even more tricky to figure out. My goal is to help you wade through all of that and determine what things are of most importance to you, what changes you can implement in order to feel more peace, and what things you can really just let go of.

The details:

These private one-on-one sessions provide women or mothers with guidance and support as they navigate pivotal seasons of life. Sessions are customized based on the individual needs of each person but may be centered around obtaining information, talking through/processing, or being encouraged to make choices that feel true to you about the following topics:

choosing a provider and where to give birth

pregnancy and your changing body

using herbs and food to manage stress and anxiety

miscarriage support

preparing for labor (including natural childbirth resources, guidance on decision making in labor, having an empowered cesarean birth, creating a birth plan)

how to gather your people and build community

processing your birth story (even if it was a year or longer ago)

preparing for the postpartum season (meal prep, herbs for healing, maintaining a healthy milk supply, how to know if baby is getting enough milk)

getting more sleep and creating bedtime rhythms

how to make time for yourself and your passions

simple self-care ideas

maintaining or reigniting intimacy with your partner

transitioning from one to two children

This would be a wonderful gift for a new mother or someone looking to begin planning for becoming pregnant. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to talk about, we will first have a consultation, I’ll take notes, and we’ll plan out the following sessions together. If what you’re reading here resonates with you, simply take the first step of purchasing a session. The rest will unfold as it should.

Single Virtual Sessions are an option, but most clients will benefit from multiple sessions where we go through a series of topics, have room for longer discussions, and work through a plan. If you’d like to have a single discussion about a specific topic or concern, please choose the Single Virtual Session. If you are looking to dive into a couple of different topics or have opportunity for follow-up discussions and greater clarity, please choose a Set of 3 option.

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You don’t need my help

Let’s just start by saying that you don’t really need me! You can absolutely do this motherhood thing on your own (many women do) and find pretty much any piece of information you need on the internet, all for free! But have you wondered why so many women or even your own friends or family members have felt side-swiped by their birth experience or overwhelmed by new parenthood? Let me start by painting a picture for you. Obviously, this is not the story for everyone, but it’s one I’ve heard very often.

The reality

Most women enter pregnancy knowing very little about their options, the statistics about giving birth in America or their location, how to advocate for what they want in labor, how to breastfeed without pain, keep from losing themselves as a new parent, or even where to look for information on these things. They then head into pregnancy hoarding a trunk full of questions that they present to their provider during a 5 minute window of hurried time at a prenatal visit. And since that 5 minute window of time wasn’t enough to thoroughly answer their questions and maybe even some of their concerns were dismissed, they will scour the internet looking for answers, join multiple Facebook groups looking for what others have done, and even reach out to their friends/sister/mother asking for advice about things that they really aren’t equipped to answer….And guess what? They will receive a million and one different, biased, and not-quite-clear responses. Responses that leave them even more confused, not fully understanding how, when, or why they should do that thing their best friend recommends, and completely ill-equipped to advocate for themselves. This often leads to that side-swiped feeling after birth that I mentioned before. This in turn can create a cycle of shame, disempowerment, and confusion. That’s not how you should enter motherhood! This is not how women should be supported either!

There’s a better way

Perinatal support should feel kind, comprehensive, individualized, and evolve with each person as they navigate whatever comes their way during pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting. And that’s what Sol Well Sessions are about.

So, maybe you don’t actually need me.  But I can say that I’ve met hundreds of women who desperately wanted this very thing and wished it was available to them before they felt completely burnt out, questioning motherhood, and in need of a massive vacation alone!

So why spend so much time researching, texting out long messages to your friends, or storing up your questions to ask your over-stretched provider, when you can simply sit down within the comfort of your own home and have your questions, concerns, and thoughts fully answered and graciously held by a professional who is committed to helping you thrive and not just survive?

I will not simply give my opinion to you. I will share information from what I’ve learned from over a decade of supporting new and expecting mothers, while also holding a masters degree in midwifery, and point you toward vetted evidence-based resources.

I’ve seen women go from frazzled and overwhelmed to confident and excited in a single conversation with me!

Even if you’ve already given birth, you can now navigate motherhood feeling balanced, happy, and filled-up. Sol Well sessions are meant to support women through all seasons, from conception through the first years of parenting.

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Single Virtual Session, Set of 3 In-person Sessions, Set of 3 Virtual Sessions


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