Sol Midwifery and Wellness is a midwifery and homebirth practice serving the northwest corner of Puerto Rico; primarily the towns of Isabela, Aguadilla, Aguada, & Rincon.

We offer:

Preconception visits | Prenatal & Postpartum care | Homebirth services

After the Birth Care | Lactation Consultations | Well Woman Exams | STI Testing

Please reach out here to schedule a Meet & Greet. We can discuss your options and I can answer any questions you have about midwifery care and homebirth in Puerto Rico.

Anjelica Malone, MSM, CPM, LM is the primary midwife at Sol, collaboratively working with local allopathic and alternative health practitioners to maximize each client’s natural ability to navigate the childbearing year, successfully transition into parenthood, and heal physically, mentally, and emotionally after birth.  Anjelica is a Certified Professional Midwife, Certified Lactation Educator Counselor, and Clinical Herbalist. She loves being able to combine holistic women’s health, lactation, and herbalism into one dynamic service to her clients.

Anjelica aims to balance science, tradition, intuition, and trust in support of the normal processes of pregnancy and childbirth, while also being in tune with the psychological, physical, and spiritual needs of each woman and family, as they feel comfortable sharing. She is committed to helping each family navigate this life-changing season with gentle encouragement and ample resources.

Here’s what’s included in Midwifery Care and Homebirth services.

Training & Experience

Anjelica studied Biomedical Sciences in undergrad and graduated with a Master of Science in Midwifery with a specialization in Herbal Medicine for Midwifery Practice in 2021 from Bastyr University. She is also a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (since 2014), Neonatal Resuscitation Provider (since 2019), and Basic Life Support Provider (since 2005). Additionally, she has training in birth emergencies, such as shoulder dystocia and variations in birth, such as breech.

Anjelica has over 16 years combined healthcare and perinatal wellness experience, initially serving as a Health Services Technician (corpsman) and EMT in the U.S. Coast Guard, where she managed medical emergencies and provided care as one member of a two-person medical team for a crew of 150 sailors, and later worked in two primary care clinics. She then went on to volunteer as a perinatal mentor to refugee and lower-income women having a high risk pregnancy in New York, followed by running her own private perinatal practice providing lactation services, childbirth education, and labor & postpartum doula support in various places including Puerto Rico, Guam, and Seattle, WA.

During her midwifery training Anjelica attended births in a free-standing birth center and in homes across Seattle and the surrounding area. She had a particular passion for supporting the agency offered to families in the homebirth setting and had the privilege of spending the majority of her training attending births in the comfort of her clients’ homes. She has caught more than 50 babies and has supported hundreds of families with midwifery-led care. 

Anjelica maintains certification as a Neonatal Resuscitation Provider, Basic Life Support Provider, as well as Evidence Based Birth Professional Membership. Anjelica values providing clients with compassionate, individualized, and evidence-based care, and aims to help each family have the most glorious, safe, and respectful birth possible.

Our Storefront

Sol Midwifery and Wellness LLC is unique in that we also have a retail shop in Isabela, PR, which offers maternity apparel, nursing bras, herbal medicine remedies for the childbearing year, childbirth classes, lactation support drop-in on Mondays, nutrition resources, lactation supplies, and more in a single location! There’s no place like this dreamy little shop on the island!

Homebirth Videos

Here are a few videos that show what midwifery care and homebirth is like. Additional resources can be found here.

(2015). Lucille’s homebirth video. Retrieved March 1, 2022, from https://youtu.be/OgDjm9AEJCw. 
Coralani Homebirth. (2018). Vimeo. Retrieved March 1, 2022, from https://vimeo.com/250692738. 
You can visit @a_midwife_in_montana’s Instagram page to watch this AMAZING birth of a 1st time mama!

Do you have questions about homebirth or midwifery care? Please don’t hesitate to reach out here.