my journey

In 2010 I began volunteering and attending births as a prenatal, birth, and postpartum mentor to refugee and lower income women in Buffalo, NY. During that time I was introduced to the idea of comprehensive prenatal and postpartum support. Support that fully surrounds a woman and honors the many facets of her being as she makes the transition into motherhood. 

My passion to serve women with breastfeeding was inspired by the birth of my first daughter in early 2013. While living in Puerto Rico I couldn’t find a breastfeeding class that was available at a time and location convenient for my husband and I, or a trained lactation professional available to meet with us one-on-one when we experienced breastfeeding struggles. Ultimately, with the support of my husband and knowledge of our doula, my daughter and I were able to experience a successful breastfeeding relationship. That experience and my love for expat life spurred me to obtain training as a lactation professional that would allow me to serve women like myself if I were to ever live in a remote setting again. 

In 2017 I broadened my practice to include workshops and comprehensive packages that allow me to journey with my clients from conception, to birth, and throughout the postpartum year.

birth & wellness philosophy

I understand that giving birth and becoming a mother can seem extremely scary and overwhelming. Having a dedicated person to lean on and reach out to for information and guidance as you make the transition allows for a more enjoyable and less scary experience. 

We will review and discuss your birth plans, and how to stay connected to the things you love like your career, your partner, and adventure as you journey through pregnancy and new motherhood. All of my services honor the need for self care practices and building a tribe of support prenatally.