Simply attending a breastfeeding get-together or seeing a lactation consultant once mama and baby are already experiencing trouble is the typical way women are supported with breastfeeding. But quite frankly this model doesn’t work!

Welcome!  I want you to know that I absolutely LOVE helping mothers to breastfeed; but more particularly, I love empowering women to meet their personal breastfeeding goals. I’m sort of a breastfeeding-activist like that!

I know that many women feel well prepared for breastfeeding before giving birth. They’ve read books, attended a breastfeeding class, researched information about breastfeeding, purchased a breast pump, nursing pillow, nursing bras, creams, etc… But what I must point out is that this isn’t actually what prepares a woman for success with breastfeeding.

Personalized Care

Mamas need personalized, one-on-one lactation support beginning during pregnancy and extending on until the mama is no longer wanting the support, education, and counseling. And that is exactly what I offer. This is a new model of lactation care that I’ve seen few other places.

I am not a standard hospital staff member. I will not give you general advice that you can find on a website or in a book. I provide intimate, individualized care to each of my clients. Because of this I’m also only able to take on a select number of mamas each month. I know all of my clients by name, I am welcomed into their home, we chat regularly, and we form a bond that goes beyond breastfeeding.

Something to think about

How many friends or family members can you think of who’ve done the very things I mentioned above but for some reason or another were not successful with breastfeeding?

Maybe they:

  • suffered from cracked/bleeding nipples
  • extreme toe curling pain with latching
  • weren’t able to continue once they returned to work
  • weren’t producing enough milk

This wasn’t because those women didn’t want to breastfeed or weren’t dedicated–NOT AT ALL. What is missing from most women’s breastfeeding journey is a lactation professional that is 100% committed to sticking with the mama from pregnancy, birth, throughout the 4th trimester, and on. Someone who knows her personally and is literally waiting to attend to the needs of her, her partner, and their baby. I know some may want to disagree and say that “breastfeeding is natural”, and it is. Just as birth is natural. But neither occurs easily. As we all know, birth is more likely to have a positive outcome when a professional is alongside to assist.


If you are looking to achieve your breastfeeding goals-whatever they may be, there’s no judgement here.

If you want a lactation professional on your personal birth and motherhood team, then Mothering Naturally Lactation Offerings are what you’re looking for.

I truly can’t wait to hear from you. I value every single family that invites me into their lives. Please fill out the contact form with your phone number, a brief introduction of yourself, and I’ll be in contact with you. Until then, view this message from Anjelica.


Grace & Peace,