Moms who have a prenatal breastfeeding session and initial lactation consultation with Anjelica within the first week of giving birth, are happily exclusively breastfeeding at 3 months postpartum. Most of these moms also go on to breastfeed for 1-2 more years!

Anjelica has worked as a trained lactation professional for over 10 years, serving families in the home and clinic setting. Anjelica offers in-home consultations, as well as virtual support. A comprehensive lactation consult involves:

  • a breast exam
  • evaluation of latch and position
  • infant physical assessment (oral anatomy, weight, and overall evaluation)
  • recommendations to improve comfort
  • written plan delivered after the visit

Women often find great improvement, with less pain and greater understanding of how to know if their baby is getting enough, in a single session, but find that follow up visits make all the difference in cementing concepts discussed at the initial consult, which boosts their confidence and promotes longterm breastfeeding success.

If you are currently in need of lactation support, please reach out here to request a visit. Please provide the following information in your message:

-your baby’s age or how far along you are in your pregnancy

-your current issue/concern or if you are wishing for either a Prenatal or Initial Lactation session.

-your location

In-home lactation services are prioritized for those living in Isabela, Aguadilla, Aguada, & Rincon at the current time. If you live outside of this region and need support, you may still reach out and Anjelica will help you get the support you need.