One of the best decisions I made was to call Anjelica!
“My first baby and I had a very difficult breast feeding journey. I really wanted to try to breast feed my second baby but had a lot of fear that I would experience the same issues. Meeting with Anjelica before I gave birth enabled me to talk through my concerns. Anjelica was very understanding & supportive. Anjelica came to my home the day we were discharged from the hospital and provided one on one advice and help with successfully feeding my baby. She has been there as a support all the way along. Calling, exchanging texts and providing practical advice for issues that come up. My baby is thriving and my journey so far is much more successful than the first time round. A large part of the success is thanks to the support from Anjelica.”
Thank you for coming into our lives!
“Did you have any hesitations about hiring a lactation professional? I actually didn’t have any hesitations with hiring a lactation professional. I was desperate to get my daughter breast milk. What was your reason for choosing Anjelica Malone for lactation support? After my daughter was born I couldn’t get her to latch and felt extremely devastated. I kept trying but I became so obsessed with it that I couldn’t enjoy my baby. My friend referred me to Anjelica and it has been the best decision I could’ve made for me and my baby. Please explain some ways that Anjelica helped you. I got her to latch with a nipple shield, but realized that I loved pumping better and Anjelica suggested a way easier way for me to do it. Not only did she help me with getting my baby breast milk but with things like understanding my baby better. Please describe how your boyfriend felt about Anjelica’s services. He LOVED Anjelica! Especially because before she came into our lives I was constantly crying and depressed cause I couldn’t give my daughter breast milk but after he noticed how much more happy I was. He learned so much from Anjelica! Especially how to... Read More
Life changing insights
““While in the comfort of my home, Anjelica shared life changing breastfeeding insights that I had not previously received from any other consultant. The struggles that I experienced nursing my first child were no longer an issue with my second. I couldn’t be happier with my breastfeeding experience. My confidence has grown and the bond between me and my son is strong. I highly recommend Anjelica for breastfeeding consulting.” – Claudia is a multitalented artist, author, Pilates instructor, doula and visual arts delegate for the 12th Annual Festival of Pacific Arts. She is the mother of two young boys and partner to her husband, Matthew. Claudia has successfully breastfed her second son Isaak for more than 10 months while publishing her first children’s book and taking care of her family.”
Wealth of knowledge
““Every woman’s breastfeeding journey is unique. . .and mine was just that, a unique journey! Without the support from Anjelica, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have come this far. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise as a lactation [counselor] is so beneficial to all mothers. Whether you’re a new mom, a working mom, or stay-at-home mom, Anjelica can really help you make the best of your breastfeeding journey.” -Hillary is a busy mother of two boys. She’s a gifted makeup artist and MAC Cosmetics expert. Hillary navigated and overcame many of the common hurdles to breastfeeding with Anjelica’s guidance and exclusively breastfed her son Zane for 14 months.  Hillary is a full time working and pumping mother.”
I loved working with Anjelica!
““I had such a wonderful experience in working with Anjelica! She was informative and responsive with all of my many questions and concerns regarding placenta encapsulation, to include multiple phone calls, texts and emails. The encapsulation experience itself went so smoothly – I felt completely comfortable welcoming her into our home and she was quick, clean and professional throughout the entire 2-day process. She even volunteered to assist me for well over an hour with breastfeeding, which was so helpful for me and my newborn. She later provided with me with a follow-up to ensure all was going well, which was very reassuring and comforting. I loved working with her and would highly recommend her services!” -Selena is a first time mother to her daughter London and wife to a U.S. Air Force service member. She is a proud full-time working and pumping mother residing in Suffolk County, England. She has successfully breastfed her daughter London for 9 months and still going strong.”
So comfortable and friendly
““Anjelica is so awesome to have as my breastfeeding [counselor]. She really helped me out when I gave birth to my daughter in November. Anjelica educated me on the importance of breastfeeding my child but more importantly she showed me how to latch my daughter on correctly and showed me different techniques as well. I felt so comfortable with her during her home visits to me and we connected as though we had been friends for years. I love how Anjelica makes herself readily available for any questions I may have or for any last minute house calls I may need. I also appreciate her positive attitude and encouragement during the difficult days when breastfeeding was painful. Because of her I feel that I have become successful at breast feeding and I am so happy that I am able to give my daughter the best milk ever!” -Andrea is a fabulous working mother of two. She has combined her high powered job at Guam’s Judiciary Courts, travel abroad, and breastfeeding; with such grace and Anjelica’s expertise. Andrea breastfed her daughter Serah for 13 months while working full-time and pumping.”