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    Do you have a design you’d like created? : : Here’s How My Boho Bag Went from Idea to Reality!


    I’ve been drawing, sewing, and crafting since I was a really young girl. I remember creating this long denim cross-body bag for my youngest sister when I was in high school. Now that I think about it, it resembles a yoga mat bag. I insisted that she tote it around and store her Barbies in it. I’m not sure if she actually liked it, but I was pretty proud of myself for sewing up something. Seeing something of yours go from a simple thought to an actual tangible piece is an indescribably sobering and exciting thing. You automatically feel proud of yourself but at the same time question, doubt, and critique every bit of it.

    Fast forward a little more than ten years and I’m feeling the exact same way about my Nelly Boho Bags. About a year and a half ago while very new to Instagram and not familiar at all about the etiquette, I reached out to someone with the hope that a simple idea and sketch would be stitched into a real-life piece of art.

    Below I share with you what that journey was like. How I went about sending money to someone I’d never met, and how on December 1st of 2015 I literally unwrapped a dream. I was SO excited that I was skipping around with the bag on my shoulder! The first photo is of the vibrant stamps that were on the box that the bag came in. The second is of me skipping. I’m not sure what was on T.V. I think House Hunters International. I remember just turning something on so that I had a moment of peace to open the box without little fingers and noses all in the box too.

    Stamps on the box from Guatemala

    Skipping with my new bag!


    Nelly Bag Prototype

    Are you a creative? Do you have a design that you’re hoping to have made? Where are you in the process right now? Have you already had a design of yours manufactured? Please leave a comment in the reply section below. I want to hear from all of you maker babes!

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