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    How to Build a Breastfeeding Tribe, Choose a Lactation Coach, Stop Biting, Buy Bottles, Wean & so much more! : : Questions From Real Moms Answered

    How to build a Breastfeeding Tribe, stop biting, introduce bottles, and so much more!If you weren’t able to make it to my LIVE chat with Anna Gannon of Expectful, an NYC based guided meditation and curated community brand, then you should definitely download and listen to our super informative chat, HERE.

    How to Listen: Click the link, then click “Direct Download”, a new page will open, press play and you’ll be able to immediately listen to the discussion.

    Perfect for women planning to get pregnant, those in their 3rd trimester, and new mamas. We received questions from the audience and I answered their most pressing questions surrounding breastfeeding and supplementing.

    We discuss:

    -Building your tribe
    -Choosing a breastfeeding coach
    -How to stop biting
    -How to choose bottles
    -AND so much more!

    I also recommend you grab a copy of Milk Boss 101: A Quick Reference Guide to Help You Breastfeed with Confidence & Peace of Mind. I personally break down how every woman can prepare for a successful and painless breastfeeding journey, beginning day 1.

    Enjoy! Leave your breastfeeding questions in the comments below. I always reply.

    Anjelica Malone Blogger Lactation Counselor Shoppe owner