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    Chocolate Milk: Documentary Screening

    Join us on August 25, 2019 to celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week, with a feature showing of Chocolate Milk: The Documentary.

    Location: Fremont Branch | Seattle Public Library 731 N. 35th St., Seattle, WA 98103, 1:30-3:30pm. In the Meeting Room. Email contact: hello(at)anjelicamalone.com.

    Chocolate Milk examines how the socioeconomic factors of race and sex influence breastfeeding rates for black mothers in America through the stories of three women.

    Chocolate Milk is a feature documentary by Elizabeth Bayne that explores the racial divide in breastfeeding, told through the lens of three African American women: a new mother, a midwife, and a WIC lactation educator. The film delves into the reasons behind the fact that more African American women don’t breastfeed.

    From sexual objectification of women’s breasts to insufficient maternity leave, there are many reasons why mothers in the U.S. struggle with the decision to breastfeed. Yet advocates argue the long-term health benefits to infants – reduced risk of chronic disease, cancer, asthma and obesity – far outweigh the challenges. Add to this the racial, economic and social disparities that plague the African American community, and it’s no wonder African American women breastfeed at significantly lower rates.

    I hope you would join me in honoring these women’s stories and exploring how changes can be made to improve the lives of black women and children.