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    Ethical Accessories that Give-Back : : Spring to Summer Essentials

    If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I love and rave about capsule wardrobes. A few tops, bottoms, shoes, carefully curated accessories and that’s it. They are items that you mix and match and rewear over and over again. Its an approach rooted in trying to live more conscious, simply, and globally-minded–aware of the people making our clothes and the affect the products have on our Earth.

    Anjelica Malone supports ethical fashion brands

    When curating for my capsule wardrobe I search for ethical items from fair trade companies, small-businesses, eco-friendly materials, and those that give-back to a certain mission or cause. I’m not perfect, just intentional. It’s a methodology that really can be transferred to how we do many things in life.

    I also love items that can be worn and used in different ways for different seasons–which reduces waste and takes a stand against fast fashion which pushes out new cheaply made designs literally every week for us to buy…like 400 new designs each week!! This is to make you feel as though you’re missing out or “out of style” if you don’t have on the currently trending items.

    But as you know, I could care less about what’s trending. I’m all about embracing your personality and ethics. I’d much rather wear a pair of well-loved jeans in a not so “current” cut that flatters me, than waste my money chasing Instagram likes with a brand that promotes filling up landfills when the newest denim arrives next week.

    Here I’ve got a few staple pieces I’m LOVING that will be a part of my spring/summer capsule and beach tote. They also easily transition from day to a night out with the girl friends.

    Ethical gold earrings made in Colombia

    Embera Rombo Earrings by MP Jewelry Store: This Miami-based, female-led brand is focused on bringing authentic handmade Colombian jewels to women around the world. Pieces are plated with rich 18K and 24K gold and adorned with intricately arranged Chakira beads. Some are even made with raw Colombian Emeralds and recycled wood. MP Jewelry Store empowers indigenous artisan groups and helps to spread their traditional artistry around the world.

    Stunning Fair Trade scarf by The Onikas (which translates to mean warrior). They are each hand-loomed by female artisans in Ecuador and hand-block printed in India. Rich salmon toned designs atop a blush background with navy trim. These scarves are great as bathing suit cover-ups, headbands, hair wraps, and as a traditional scarf. This is also another boss-babe-led brand, which of course just adds to the amazing nature of this brand!

    Ethical fashion blogger and global mama Anjelica Malone

    “Midwife” t-shirt translated into four other languages supports this amazing future black midwife, mama, and world changer–Barbara Verneus founder of Tiny & Brave. If you haven’t heard, there’s an enormous shortage of midwives of color, though granny (black) midwives historically provided full spectrum birth and reproductive care to women in the United States for years before physicians pushed them to the fringes and promoted hospital births. It’s of grave importance that the demographics within the field of birth professionals begin to better reflect our population. Black women and their children are at greater risk of premature birth and mortality. It goes without saying that to address the issues that disproportionately affect black women we must train and support women from the black community to be able to step in to a world only they can truly understand and passionately serve. This t-shirt is in honor and support of that mission.

    Refillable travel sized vegan products

    Plaine Products :  Environmentally-friendly, travel size vegan shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in refillable metal containers. No more plastic bottles. Simply return your empty bottles with their FREE shipping labels and they’ll refill them for you. These are the perfect size for throwing into your beach bag and your carry-on.

    Do you have a capsule wardrobe? What pieces are you wearing. I’d love to hear about your summer favorites and what plans you have for spending time in the summa’ sun!!

    Anjelica Malone Blogger Lactation Counselor Shoppe owner