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    Inspiration & Bounce Session Highlights : : An Exclusive Event for Influential Female Entrepreneurs (Part 1)

    On July 30th I hosted my Inspiration & Bounce Session for eight influential female entrepreneurs here on Guam. The group consisted of a professional Photographer, a Birth Doula, a Nanny, a Fitness and Spiritual Life Coach, a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, a Lactation Consultant student, a Jewelry Designer, and a Holistic Esthetician. Each woman had a unique angle to her business or passion that made her service particularly appealing. For some this was not immediately evident, but I provided clarity and insight to those needing it.

    Hibiscus and Guidebook for Session

    This event is geared toward helping female entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Every woman at the event was at various stages in her entrepreneur journey. There were some that were currently in the process of getting a business license, those simply with a business idea, all the way to those who’ve owned their business for years. There was something to gain for everyone. Not to mention the enormous networking benefit.

    Not matter what stage you are in your business, networking is paramount and always a MUST. Listen to all the details here.


    Everyone was a little nervous at first but after diving into some delicious muffins and hot coffee the ice was broken and we couldn’t stop chatting. We were overlooking the tranquil Tumon Bay on probably one of the brightest days of late.

    During the event each woman shared about her business goals and her greatest struggle at the moment. I provided each woman with specific tips on areas that she could really brand herself better and create a Blue Ocean between her and her competition. If you haven’t heard of The Blue Ocean Strategy then you definitely need to come to the next Inspiration & Bounce Session. I share about this ground-breaking strategy and how you can implement it into your business right now.

    I was blown away at how open every woman was at sharing her passion, journey, and motivation. The ladies were each so willing to let their guards down and be open to my critiques and suggestions. I was honored to simply be a part of their entrepreneur story.

    Guam Business Owner Event

    If you’re feeling stuck in your business strategy, then you’ll want to be at the next Inspiration & Bounce Session I’m hosting on October 1st. If you’re feeling as though you’re having to literally pull in clients and they aren’t actually reaching out to you, then you need to be at the next Inspiration & Bounce Session. If you’re working a full-time job or are a stay-at-home mama juggling business and family, then you don’t want to miss this valuable session. I address each of these struggles and more at the Inspiration & Bounce Session.

    In the next blog post I’ll share information and links for each of the eight #bossbabes that attended! If you’re looking to rub shoulders with some of the most passionate minds and influential entrepreneurs on Guam then shoot me an email today!


    Anjelica Malone Inspiration & Bounce Session



    Anjelica Malone Blogger Lactation Counselor Shoppe owner

    All photos from the event were taken by Elizabeth Howard photography.