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    THE Ultimate Planners for Ambitious Mamas, #GoalDiggers, & Magical Makers

    If there’s one thing you must know about me before I share about these awesome planners, it’s that I LOVE making lists, setting goals, AND reaching them! Nothing feels better than to check a box off on my to-do list. Between planning meals, playdates, meetings, deadlines, new projects, vacations, and my husband’s schedule, I’m notorious for littering my house with sticky notes. And when I run out of sticky notes I begin tearing little corners off of papers with white space for me to jot down notes. But of course I inevitably lose a sheet of paper or it gets accidentally thrown away. Or. . .two notes that should have met don’t meet until I realize there was a part two to that project I thought I’d just completed.

    For me, the solution to the sticky note problem and the solution to creating meaningful steps toward completing my goals has always been a well organized and intentional planner.

    Many years ago when smart phones got became big I tried going paperless. I wanted to be one of those chic gals that was minimalist and could fit her whole life into a slim little phone that slipped in her back pocket or a tiny clutch. I held out for a year before I gave in and admitted it just wasn’t working for me. As I said before, pen to paper just feels right to me. I’m able to physically scratch off successful completions, underline important things, highlight areas that need to be emphasized, add little thought clouds to project ideas, sketch new designs, and the list goes on. I know for anyone with a creative brain like mine, you work the same way. I’ve curated a list of what I would say are the top 3 planners/journals for goal seekers, master makers, and world changers like you! (Above is a photo gallery of all three planners.)

    If you’re thinking, “Well, Anjelica it’s already May, why would I want a new planner now?” And I say, because these are not just your average planners.

    These planners are 100% geared toward helping you organize your thoughts, articulate your dreams, take active steps toward completing tasks, and witnessing real change in your life.

    And that is something that if you aren’t actively doing right now and seeing results, then you must figure out how to make that happen, like yesterday. I believe that dreams require lots and lots of brainstorming, list building, prompting, encouragement, trial, error, retries, brainstorming again and again. I believe that each of these planners has the potential to push you in that direction, each with a slightly different edge that should appeal to many different women. These are not simply sheets of paper with months, dates, and blank lines. Just wait. You’ll see.

    Make it Happen Power Sheets* by Lara Casey : : The Ultimate Goal Planner

    Now ladies, I must begin by saying that these Powersheets are world-renowned and sell out fast! Once you peel your eyes off the gorgeous teal blue, coral, and sunny yellow colors along with gold foiling you will find out why they are so dang popular. This tabbed planner addresses every single area today’s woman is juggling, with Worksheets titled Relationship Tending, Cultivating Gratitude, & Things I Learned, to name a few.  The Powersheets have been particularly created for use in your personal life or business arena. Because of this stay at home mamas, entrepreneurs, and students alike will find the Powersheets beyond useful in their area of need. Lara emphasizes removing the pressure that is commonly associated with goal setting and focusing on having fun while creating focused results. With your purchase of a Powersheets set you also gain exclusive access to the online Making Things Happen virtual community where women share what they’re discovering, receive daily coaching, and even recieve live streams from Lara herself. 10% of profits are donated to the Love One Another Project…C’mon, what other reason do you need to run over and get one of these right now?!

    The 52 Lists Project : : A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration by Moorea Seal

    Empowering women is clearly a large part of Moorea’s inspiration for this journal. The journal features a new prompt each week for 52 weeks that will challenge your self-awareness, lead you to powerful self discovery, and launch you toward taking meaningful steps to make your dreams a reality. The book is also a creative outlet with room for you to express yourself through drawing and writing. The book is hardcover and perfectly compact to take with you on your adventures around town. I highly encourage you to not let another year pass you by without realizing the potential that already lies within you! If you’re struggling to organize your thoughts and would like to take inventory of all the ideas and passions floating inside you, I think the 52 Lists Project Journal is just what you may need. Thousands of 52 Lists followers are sharing their journey on Instagram with the hashtag: #52ListsProject. It’s not just a product, it’s a movement. This is one that I’m uber excited about getting my hands on! Gorgeous natural photography paired with hand drawn illustrations…swoon!

    Passion Planner : : For Every Planner Purchased One Is Given To Someone In Need by Angelia Trinidad.

    This planner comes in 4 different styles; The Academic (Calendar), Dated, Undated, and a Limited Edition Paradise Blue. Angelia created this planner from a personal need to free herself from analysis paralysis and crippling “directionless floating” that she says plagues many college grads after graduation. The Passion Planner is super lightweight, sleek, and made of soft vegan leather. It contains weekly and daily focus questions, a section for personal and work to-do lists each week, a blank section for doodling or journaling, monthly reflection questions, a section to add steps for improvement, and an annual extensive brainstorming goal guide. Each day is broken down into 30 minute increments from 6am to 11pm allowing for maximum organization and planning of your day. One of the really nice things about the Passion Planner is that you can purchase the undated option and pick up anywhere throughout the year without wasted pages. I’m currently using the Academic Calendar Passion Planner in the compact size and loving it!

    I hope you’re inspired and drawn toward one or more of these planners. I truly believe that by taking active steps toward goal setting, planning, and keeping motivated you will be miles ahead of where you are now this time next year. But remember, it’s all up to you. If you doubt yourself and say that things will never change, they never will. If you give up in the middle of the fight, there’s no way you can win. Believe in yourself and your dreams. They’re valid and possible.

    Which of these planners speaks to you the most? Have you tried any of these? Tell me in the comments below and I’ll be sure to reply.

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    *I’m a proud affiliate of the Lara Casey Shop.