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    Join my LIVE chat with Expectful : : Achieving a Confident Feeding Relationship

    Live Chat with Anjelica Malone

    On September 27th at 7pm EST (9am Chamorro Standard Time on Guam) I’ll be doing a LIVE chat with Anna Gannon of Expectful. This is a great opportunity for those who are thinking about conceiving, currently pregnant, or navigating the early postpartum weeks to sit and simply listen or join in as we discuss the ins and outs of feeding your baby with confidence.

    Expectful’s mission is to empower women and couples to give their babies the best possible start in life. Expectful provides expertly curated videos, trimester specific guided mediations, and communities for pregnant women.

    To find out more about Expectful and how you can join our live chat, click here. I’m so excited and can’t wait to hear from all you ladies.

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