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    Learning to Just-be : : The “Juniper Natural Nail Bar” Experience

    A few months back I did a post sharing about how I’m learning to “just be” with my girls. To have no play date scheduled or purpose in mind, but to spend time with them.

    The feedback I got from #AGlobalTribeOfWomen here and over on Instagram was enormous. So many of you could relate to exactly what I felt and had recently decided to do something similar. We could all relate to a thought process that made us feel as though we were “missing out” if we weren’t actively engaged in a task or project. But something I’ve learned over the last year is that that idea is just plain false. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is totally based on false ideas.

    I truly believe it’s impossible to miss YOUR moment.

    When we are spending time engaged with the ones we love, enjoying the mundane, absorbing positive moments of calm, we’re NOT missing out. We are actually fully engaged. We are being refueled and filled with better purpose and intent that just isn’t possible when we are constantly connected to our devices, hearing chatter from outside voices, and being used in whatever way we make a living. We simply must pull away at times and learn to “just be”.

    I know this is SO much easier said than done but it’s vital. It’s vital to our stability and our usefulness. If we never take time to love on the ones we say are dear to us, we never turn our faces away from our screens, we are limiting our creativity, we are leaving no room for original inspiration, organic magic, and are missing out on the really good stuff. When I say all this, I’m not just sharing some insight with you, I’m actually preaching to my own heart.

    So what I decided to do this year is to leave room for that organic magic to take place. I leave openings in my schedule where I could easily work but have allowed for spontaneity to happen. I also use it for intentional experiences with my Little Women.

    Before leaving Guam I began to research wonderful places to visit once we arrived here in Seattle. There was one shop that caught my eye in particular.

    For one they have the most gorgeous logo that just screams boho luxe!! And I have to say they didn’t disappoint. Along one of the most beautiful streets of Historic Ballard lies this warm and inviting storefront with a large sign on the window that says Juniper Natural Nail Bar, underscored by a bundle of beautiful flowers, pine, feathers, and antlers.

    Best Natural Nail salon Seattle

    Literally as you walk along the sidewalk leading to the salon there are brick buildings with luscious greenery climbing up the sides, plumes of steam seeping from the restaurants, and street names engraved within the stone beneath you in gorgeous brass.

    The girls and I visited on a cool morning and it was the perfect time. We first stopped by our library for a read and then headed into the nail bar.

    It’s literally like you’re walking into a cool bohemian wonderland, when you enter Juniper.  You’ll first pass an aromatic cafe and then be ushered in by blush and crisp white walls displaying fringed wallhangings made of natural yarns and a handmade sign displaying the Juniper name. Once inside there’s a large hand-lettered chalkboard above the reception desk with bundles of delicate flowers framing the services offered. Thin strands harness rose gold geometric planters with tiny air plants spilling out above the individual nail stations.

    The staff was kind, welcoming, and so great with my Little Women. The girls were quickly given seats to enjoy their Mini-manis, and I was offered something warm to sip on.

    Photo courtesy of Shelby Eaton

    Beautiful eco-friendly and natural cosmetics, serums, and lotions line the front wall, as well as a selection of delicious herb infused bath bombs. One of the really nice things about going to a natural nail salon is that you don’t have to experience the strong odor of toxins. You can breathe with ease and even bring in a new babe if you’re looking for some postpartum pampering, without worrying about the harmful effects of common nail salon products.

    Natural nail polishes can be placed into a few different categories:

    3-Free, which means it doesn’t contain these three known carcinogens. Toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), & Formaldehyde.

    5-Free, which doesn’t contain Formaldehyde resin or camphor, in addition to the three in 3-Free polishes.

    7-Free, which doesn’t contain any of the five ingredients above plus xylene and tosylamide.

    Then, in addition to these “Free” forms of natural polish, there are also polishes that are vegan and cruelty free. Next time you go to shop for polishes it would be great to grab at least a 3-Free one that has a limited amount of toxins, but of course a 7-free, vegan, cruelty-free brand would be ideal. Baby steps though, baby steps.

    Juniper offers a huge selection of the most prime Pantone colors you could ask for. Every. single. shade. of blush, nude, and brown were available. Of course! As well as a rainbow of scrumptious berry tones, pinks, foresty neutrals, jewels tones and poppin’ exotics. It think it goes without saying the girls and I were in heaven. I quickly queued in on the bomb selection of neutral browns and chose one that perfectly matched my new, slightly more moody Seattle vibe.

    Photo by Shelby Eaton.

    Our experience was relaxing and the perfect way to “just-b
    e” with my Little Women. I’m so thankful that one of the women on staff who also happens to be an AMAZING photographer, named Shelby Eaton, was able to capture a few shots of the girls and I during our pampering.

    If you live in or will be visiting the Seattle area, I can’t recommend Juniper Natural Nail Bar enough! They have two locations; one in West Seattle and one in Ballard. Check out their Instagram feed for pics of all the lovely fingers they’ve adorned! You can also find them on Facebook.