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    Jumpstart your Morning with a Quick Vanilla Chia Parfait (Vegan) & the NOTE 2 SELF Journal

    Here’s a recipe for a luscious Vanilla Chia Seed Parfait that’s rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals that are crucial in helping us get fit and toned, regulate blood sugar which can help prevent excess belly fat, and keep us full longer. I also want to share with you the journal I’ve been using to set my daily intentions.

    The NOTE 2 SELF Journal by Alex Elle is absolutely phenomenal.

    Each day you are given a full page of poignant questions and open ended prompts to get you thinking about the one person you’ve probably spent the least amount of time working on…you.

    The journal is 100% focused on helping you reach a state of intentional living and self care. As women we can wear many hats, within a single day! We pour ourselves into our work, family, and friends. Many times we leave our own needs until the very end of the day. Which means that the time is short and rushed. With the NOTE 2 SELF journal I’ve been drawn to put my own thoughts and ideas at the beginning of the day, which really helps me focus on what I find important, rather than what those around me would like me to prioritize. By using this journal to set my intentions for the day, write out what it means to love myself, and intently list areas I’m working to improve, I notice that I’ve actually begun to do the many things I previously only thought about. The first step to reaching a goal is to write it down. Writing something down makes it both real and articulate. It’s now not simply a thought only you have, but an actual belief that can be shared with a close friend or mentor who will hopefully spur you on in reaching it. They have a lovely Instagram feed that showcases how people all over are using their NOTE2SELF Journal.

    Have you heard of Alex Elle’s NOTE2SELF Journal before now? Are you already an avid journaler? I’d love to know what you’re currently working on. Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply.