Thank you for coming into our lives!

Did you have any hesitations about hiring a lactation professional? I actually didn’t have any hesitations with hiring a lactation professional. I was desperate to get my daughter breast milk.

What was your reason for choosing Anjelica Malone for lactation support? After my daughter was born I couldn’t get her to latch and felt extremely devastated. I kept trying but I became so obsessed with it that I couldn’t enjoy my baby. My friend referred me to Anjelica and it has been the best decision I could’ve made for me and my baby.

Please explain some ways that Anjelica helped you. I got her to latch with a nipple shield, but realized that I loved pumping better and Anjelica suggested a way easier way for me to do it. Not only did she help me with getting my baby breast milk but with things like understanding my baby better.

Please describe how your boyfriend felt about Anjelica’s services. He LOVED Anjelica! Especially because before she came into our lives I was constantly crying and depressed cause I couldn’t give my daughter breast milk but after he noticed how much more happy I was. He learned so much from Anjelica! Especially how to calm a baby and swaddling!

Thank you so much Anjelica for coming into our lives! You are so amazing!

-Paulina Yim, Kainoa Payton, & baby girl Harper