So comfortable and friendly

Andrea nursing Serah

Andrea nursing Serah while on vacation in the Philippines.

“Anjelica is so awesome to have as my breastfeeding [counselor]. She really helped me out when I gave birth to my daughter in November. Anjelica educated me on the importance of breastfeeding my child but more importantly she showed me how to latch my daughter on correctly and showed me different techniques as well. I felt so comfortable with her during her home visits to me and we connected as though we had been friends for years. I love how Anjelica makes herself readily available for any questions I may have or for any last minute house calls I may need. I also appreciate her positive attitude and encouragement during the difficult days when breastfeeding was painful. Because of her I feel that I have become successful at breast feeding and I am so happy that I am able to give my daughter the best milk ever!”

-Andrea is a fabulous working mother of two. She has combined her high powered job at Guam’s Judiciary Courts, travel abroad, and breastfeeding; with such grace and Anjelica’s expertise. Andrea breastfed her daughter Serah for 13 months while working full-time and pumping.