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10 Super Easy Ways To Shop & Live More Consciously

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Many of us are living busy lives but still would love to learn ways of living more aware of the world around us. We’d like to know some quick and easy ways to make changes in our shopping and eating habits that will hopefully bring about larger more meaningful results over time

Well, below I’ve created a list of ways that you can make more globally minded decisions in your every day life, plus an inspiring BONUS video. I’ve learned that by creating a set of “parameters” of sorts to stick to when making purchases, you are in turn simplifying your life and hopefully removing excess clutter and waste. Who doesn’t love that?!

So here they are. Remember, I’m not perfect and I’m not thinking you should be either. It’s about tiny baby steps of change and developing a new approach toward shopping.

1. Buy local – this reduces fuel and other resources needed to transport things far distances. It also supports your local economy and neighbors.

2. Buy from female owned businesses – women are more likely to spread their income and invest it in ways that benefit their entire family and the community.

3. Buy organic – organic farmers do not receive government subsidies, do not use harmful pesticides that can run off into our water system, and work to farm sustainably.

4. When eating meat – Eat less, buy local or organic. Cows contribute to global warming and eating a plant-based diet has been shown to improve health and wellness.

5. Shop Fair Trade – workers in developing countries are paid fair wages for their work, their is transparency within the business, working conditions are safe, and they receive opportunities to sell their goods in a broader less-marginalized market. You can get everything from fair trade soap, to dresses, and even coffee (this is the one I drink).

6. Buy Vintage/Sustainable – Vintage and thrifted items reduce waste. The material used to make sustainable products are those that have been recycled or do not deplete the environment, rainforests, or eco systems when harvested. Bamboo is considered a sustainable material.

7. Reduce or eliminate plastics. Plastic production is harmful to the environment and once used and especially when exposed to heat, leaches toxins into our bodies.

8. Support business that are B-Corp – these businesses have worked hard to prove that they are an ethical company through transparency and sharing details about how they operate. Look at the bottom of most websites for the large black “B” in a circle. Check out this video.

9. Support a local organization or charity.

10. Watch the documentary True Cost. It’s available FREE on Netflix.

*As a little BONUS I also wanted to include this amazing interview that Marie Forleo did with one of the most inspiring female change-makers, Leila Janah. Leila is the founder of Sama Group, which employs people living in poverty with work in the technological fields. They then become gainfully employed and after just a few short years quadruple their income, enabling them to no longer live in poverty.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this article, as well as ways in which you are making more socially and globally conscious decisions in your daily life. Please share in the comments below.

Anjelica Malone Blogger Lactation Counselor Shoppe owner

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