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6 Simple Actions That Will Immediately Make Your Week More Productive


A healthy morning routine can really make a huge difference in how productive your days are and eventually how successful you are overall. Monday is probably the hardest day of the week to be productive. We’ve usually clung too tightly onto Sunday, staying up late watching a juicy show or surfing the internet on our phone while in bed, in hopes that Monday wouldn’t come too soon. But once 6am rolls around and our alarm goes off we must peel ourselves out of bed and show up. I’ve created a list of 6 Simple Actions that will greatly improve your week’s productivity.

1. Begin by giving thanks.

Each morning before you even get out of bed, take a moment to give thanks. If you’re lying in bed next to your significant other, children, or a fur baby, take that time to also be thankful for the lives that share space with you. We can also use this time to consciously be proud of the achievements we’ve already attained; before Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter are given a chance to sabotage our self worth. For pregnant mamas, this a prime opportunity in your day to savor your growing bump. Use it as an opportunity to be mindful of the life growing inside you. This first step reinforces mindfulness, which leads to gratitude.

2. Journal.AnjelicaMalone.com

Take note of your day’s intentions. Before anything else can begin to pull on your time and attention grab a notebook from your nightstand or underneath your bed and jot down 3 things you would love to accomplish today. Keep it simple. If you want to drink more water, scribble that down. Maybe you want to call your best friend or connect with an old friend. Write it down. Seeing your thoughts on paper can make them more real and give you the extra push you need to make it happen.

3. Savor Sun Salutations.

Now I may be pushing it here, but if you can manage to squeeze in a series of just 5 Sun Salutations your mind AND body will thank you! Sun Salutations are a basic series of a about 10 yoga poses. They are absolutely perfect for those who’ve never practiced yoga before, but implemented by seasoned yogis as well. I cannot rave enough about how adding Sun Salutations improves my mood and even body image. After completing just a series of 5 salutations I feel stronger, more intentional, and established. Since this step only takes about 10 min. you can literally add this step in right before jumping in the shower. No need to for a yoga mat, you can practice these poses on tile floor or a rug that is held in place.

4. Hydrate then caffeinate.

Now, I’m the first to admit to dragging myself out of bed most days and reaching for the nearest “cup of life”.  As a mama of two young girls, a night owl, and growing entrepreneur, I needs ma’ coffee in the a.m.!

My morning mantra is easily, “No coffee, No talkee!”.

BUT I’ve vowed this year is to be good to my body and better to my girls. So before I gulp down a big cup o’ jo, I pour myself a glass of cold water. You can sip your water as you make your coffee. Once your coffee is ready, voila!, you’ve already given yourself a little lovin’!

5. Spend some time outside. AnjelicaMalone.com

Sun exposure isn’t just great for getting us out into nature which is full of inspiration, it’s also been shown to positively affect fertility, fibromyalgia, and preventing bone fractures. And guess what? Many of us gals aren’t getting our daily dose. While it’s tempting to simply pop a pill to get your vitamin D, it’s so much better to get the real deal, via the sun. Women 18 years and older are recommended to get at least 600 IU of vitamin D per day. And ladies if you have olive or darker skin you may need to spend a bit more time soaking up rays than our fair skinned sistas. Even though I live on this beautiful island that gets 12 hours of golden sunshine each day I still see a huge improvement in my mood and productivity when I spend dedicated time just basking under the morning sun in my bikini. For me, simply passing from the house to the car or car inside a shop, I don’t get enough sun exposure. So spending a few hours focused on sun exposure is necessary for me and many other women I’m sure. Also, if you have dark skin you may want to consider applying sunscreen after you’ve spent at least 30 minutes out in the sun.

6. Schedule time with a mentor.

This last action step is crucial.  Spending time with someone you feel free with and un-judged by can set a tone for your self confidence and provide you with direction. Whether you’re working towards a promotion at work or launching a new service for your business, it can be draining and leave you feeling defeated. Scheduling a midweek juice bar date or beach walk with a mentor can really do wonders for your soul and help you refocus your energy. Use this time to ask questions on how they’ve achieved their goals and be sure to do more listening than talking.

Big dreams and goals are brought to fruition by the constant amounting of millions of tiny steps.

-Anjelica Malone


Remember babes, big dreams and goals are brought to fruition by the constant amounting of millions of tiny steps. To fully see the benefits of these actions steps you must strive for consistency. We must care for ourselves to have anything valuable left to give to our family, friends, job, and dreams.  I began doing these very things myself in January as a part of my resolution to care for myself more. I’m starting slow and giving myself lots of grace on days I don’t complete all the steps. My hope is that you will do the same. Let me know if you’re planning to incorporate some or all of these steps into your Monday.

As always, I love chatting with you and can’t wait to hear your comments below. I’ll be sure to reply.


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