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I’m a Global Citizen, Are You? : : Why Those Who’ve Won The Ovarian Lottery Can Make All the Difference


Hey ladies! I just HAD to share this amazing video I just watched with you. It will blow your mind and stir your soul.

*Update 5/12/16: This video was removed from YouTube. Sorry. I will look for another video that speaks about the awesome idea.

Are you someone that reads about injustices around the world but feels paralyzed and unsure of how you can make a difference? Do you ever imagine how health epidemics (like the Zika Virus), climate change, and conflicts will affect your daily life in the very near future? Maybe you don’t realize it. But these very issues that seem far away and unrelated to your life will be at your doorstep one day soon.

I think of myself as a global citizen and want to do all that I can to leave a legacy of advocacy, justice, and action on behalf of those who don’t have fair access to these things. I know for some this may sound very confusing, but read on and watch. We no longer live in a disconnected and segmented world.

We are very much interconnected and I believe that Global Citizenship is not just a wave of the future, but is NOW. If you’d like to know what this means and how you play a major role in this idea then this video is a must watch.

Have you ever heard of the term Global Citizenship before now? What world issues bother you and you would like to make a meaningful difference in? Even if you have no direct plan on how to solve or advocate for them, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below and I’ll be sure to reply.


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