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Read & Chat : : Global Mom: Eight Countries, Sixteen Addresses, Five Languages, One Family

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Hey ladies, I’m super excited to announce this newest read! After reading my last book Rhinestone Jesus, I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t told you gals about it first so we could read it together. So this time I thought I’d tell you well in advance. If you’re interested in joining me for a Read & Chat of this book, “Global Mom, eight countries, sixteen addresses, five languages, one family”, then let me know in the comments below. Don’t worry if you don’t have the book yet. Simply introduce yourself and let us know “you’re in!”. Then head over to Amazon or Audible (you can get it FREE) and get the book.

Once your book gets to you, start reading it and share your thoughts with The Tribe in the comments section of this Journal article. I’ll always respond. You should also comment on the other Tribe members’ comments. I can’t wait to start getting to know you better. This Read & Chat will be a great way for us to get to know each other better and share about how the book relates to our life.

Update 7/23/16: With each section I read of the book, I will provide a commentary here. I invite you to respond and dialogue with me in the comments below.

Le Chef, Le Garcon, Le Guy, and Yosemite Sam: My immediate thought as I read through the very first page, was that Melissa is an intensely detailed storyteller. She has a keen eye for details during the events in her life that she shares about and she wants her readers to experience the emotions, smells, and culture too. I love that she throws in the meaning of simple French words and phrases. I’m not only being guided into Melissa’s story but I’m being taken on a tour of France and being introduced to the people who call it home. Though we’ve only met her movers so far, it was a rich introduction that makes me excited to meet her family and friends. I can only imagine the descriptions she’ll use to illustrate them.



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    July 21, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Thanks ladies for joining me here. Tell me a bit about yourself and what peaks your curiosity about the book Global Mom.

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    August 3, 2016 at 12:28 am

    I’ve been meaning to comment,but never seem to have as much time as I’d like. I have so many thoughts, and I’m only 60 pages in.

    First, I often daydream of living in another country. In one which would allow me to raise my children differently than the modern, traditional American childhood. I think this is more true because of several of the Instagram feeds I follow. So, this book is a fun and real glimpse at Motherhood beyond the curated mini-captions that stokes my dreams on IG.

    While there are many parts of mothering in Norway that seem appealing to me–living closer to nature, seemingly less focus on consumerism because of Janteloven, the raw beauty of the environment, and a simpler, more quiet way of life, I can see that the challenges don’t disappear in the beauty. It’s simpler in ways, but more difficult in others. So many layers in the snow! So much letting go of my innate helicopter mom style and letting the kids play wildly and roughly at barnepark. And language! I’d be so happy to raise multi-lingual children, but I am not great at learning languages.

    Let’s be real. I look at that life and think about what a beautiful adventure they are living, and how brave she is for doing her best to adjust and make friends, and I see how poorly I’ve done in our little move across the same state. Putting myself out there to converse with other moms in a new town has been hard. And I speak the same language as everyone here! This book has been forcing me to see where I can connect, while at the same time embracing American individualism. I like parts of Janteloven, but I’m glad we don’t have to practice it here–even if being a little different (as we are) makes it harder to find a real live village of moms.

    I’m not expressing things as well as I’d like and my toddler is finished with his activity, so that’s all for now. Hoping to be able to gather more coherent thoughts after a few more chapters. Be back soon 😊

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      August 3, 2016 at 1:40 pm


      I totally understand getting caught up in the day-to-day. Thanks for making it over though and sharing now.

      You explained yourself very well. I can relate and understand your point. I am guilty of the same; though I live among women who speak my same language, I don’t always do the best job of striking up friendships and maintaining them. In some ways it’s easier to do that with someone who doesn’t speak your language or share your culture I think. It’s almost as if you can be this mysterious new person and not have to address the sometimes grimy parts of a shared motherhood experience.

      My kiddos are napping now, so I was able to type this reply. I hope to chat with you again soon! See you on Insta!! XO

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