Marigold Sundrops (Calendula oil)


The magic of Calendula officinalis flowers have been harnessed and packaged into this tiny bottle. I source these flowers from a family-run farm in California. I then take the flowers and place them in a large glass jar with organic cold pressed olive oil. The two are allowed to sit and solar infuse for 6-8 weeks. I do not add heat to speed up this process. After 6 weeks the oil becomes a vibrant orange hue, and contains the medicinal components of the Calendula flowers, including terpenes and flavonoids. These components provide anti-inflammatory, wound healing, and antimicrobial properties which help the skin rejuvenate.

If you have an open wound, wait until it has closed and has no signs of infection before applying. Layering oil over an open or infected wound can trap bacteria and prevent it from getting needed air.

This oil is ideal for:

diaper rash

cracked nipples from nursing

minor burns


dry/irritated skin


Be advised: In those with a sensitivity to members of the Asteraceae plant family, this oil may cause a similar reaction.

In stock


1 oz. bottle

Ingredients: Organic calendula off. flowers and organic olive oil.

Apply to clean dry skin.

1 review for Marigold Sundrops (Calendula oil)

  1. Anjelica

    I lathered my baby in this oil after every bath and swear it helped to combat; dry skin, cradle cap, kept yeast at bay, and improved her overall mood šŸ–¤šŸ˜šŸ„° Iā€™m so thankful you shared them with me!!


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