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What are the birth options in Puerto Rico?

Are you pregnant and living here in Puerto Rico? Are you wondering what your options are for birth? Well, you’ve come to the right spot! There are multiple options for families planning to give birth here in Puerto Rico, as well as those who plan to go back home to the states or elsewhere to give birth.

There are providers who practice in the hospital, as well as those serving women at home here. Each option should be considered wisely, as the landscape of both environments is quite different here than it is in other places. Amenities and services at the hospitals across the island vary greatly. Some locations offer private recovery rooms, special meals, epidural anesthesia, and a supportive breastfeeding environment, while others have communal recovery rooms, subpar food options, and still require babies to be in the nursery for an extended period of time, limiting the ability to establish breastfeeding. For those interested in homebirth, you will want to clearly discuss things such as provider education and training and an emergency transfer plan with whomever you are interviewing. There isn’t currently a universal standard on the island that all community providers abide by, so training, standard of care, and professionalism can vary from person to person.

If you are feeling undecided about which option is best for you and what questions to ask in order to make a decision, don’t worry! I would love to talk with you. You can reach out here and schedule a Birthing in Puerto Rico call. These 30-40min. long calls review all the ins and outs of making a decision about birthing in Puerto Rico. I also offer an Everything But Home package for those planning to give birth with an OBGYN, but would really love to have the tender touch and holistic expertise of a midwife during their pregnancy journey.

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