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(Video) How to Make Turmeric Golden Milk : : The Perfect Caffeine-free Drink for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mamas

This Turmeric Golden Milk recipe is delicious and especially wonderful for pregnant and breastfeeding mamas who may be looking to reduce their caffeine intake. The daily recommendation for caffeine intake during pregnancy is 200mg or less.

My almond milk recipe includes just two simple ingredients:

raw almonds

filtered water (from my Berkey Water filter)

I soak the almonds over night to allow maximum absorbency. I then blend them in my Vitamix and squeeze the pulp using a nut bag. Your almond milk should keep in a glass mason jar for about 5-7 days in the refrigerator. But in our house it barely lasts that long. We use it for making creamy soups, as a replacement in dessert recipes, and even gravy.

All the spices used in this recipe can easily be found at your local grocery store.

I hope you enjoy sipping on this during the holiday season!




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