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(Video) 5 Steps to Creating Your Own Sacred Space at Home

Hey lovely!

Don’t you love that feeling you get when you walk into your favorite yoga studio or spa? There’s just an overwhelming sense of tranquility, attention to detail, and intentionality. I know I do! It immediately helps me to relax and settle in for the experience I’m getting ready to enjoy.

But as we all know, it can be incredibly hard during the holidays (which are right around the corner), the early years of motherhood, and really just during the busy seasons of life, to take time for ourselves. We often pour all of our energy into our children, our spouse, or our community; leaving little for ourselves. I can attest to doing this!

Today, I’d like to challenge you to open up space in your mind and calendar for serving yourself. Begin by talking with your spouse about the need for personal time and self-care. Next, circle a date in your planner and select an hour of time that you’ll commit to nourishing your wellness. This could be a time of journaling, meditation, scripture reading, mantra rehearsing, whatever you’d like.

The final step is to create the space in which you’ll enjoy this hour of self-love. In today’s video I share with you five steps to creating your own sacred space at home. They’re super simple, but really bring that spa-like feeling into your home.

  1. Gather some flowers from your garden or your local farmer’s market, and arrange them in a vase.
  2. Grab your favorite journal and a pen.
  3. Bring in some inspiring literature. My favorite magazines right now are Flow and Thoughtfully.
  4. Make yourself a nourishing snack and drink. In this video I’m drinking my version of Nutrition Stripped’s Turmeric Milk.
  5. Turn on your favorite music. I love Pandora’s Worldbeat Radio.

I hope you enjoy this. If so, please like this video and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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